Why Professional Window Cleaning Services are Important

Professional window cleaning service in Cambridge

You may be able to manage to clean your windows at home yourself, but the windows in your business premises are an entirely different matter. Here are just a few reasons why hiring professional window cleaners makes perfect sense…

  1. A good impression. Potential customers or clients will often make snap judgements based on the appearance of your business premises alone. If your windows look grubby and grimy, they may form the impression that you don’t pay attention to detail, or that your firm is not successful enough to hire a window cleaner.
  2. Better results. Professional window cleaning firms have the experience needed to do the job properly. They have the techniques and the cleaning products to make sure your windows look their best.
  3. Hard to reach places. It’s likely that your office windows may be in places which are impossible to reach by yourself. Professional cleaners will be able to get to all windows, no matter how high up they are.
  4. A responsible window cleaning firm will have insurance in place to make sure you aren’t liable should a cleaner hurt themselves while carrying out their duties on your premises.
  5. Washing windows is a time-consuming task, particularly if you want to create the perfect, streak-free finish. Bringing in professionals will lead to greater time and efficiency for you.
  6. Better morale. Lots of studies have found that natural light improves workplace happiness and productivity. You’ll want to make sure your staff can see out of, or at least benefit from the light shining through, perfectly clean windows.
  7. Routine is everything in a business. But it’s easy to neglect cleaning duties if you’re trying to do them yourself. After all, what’s more important? Fulfilling customer orders or cleaning the windows? By employing an outside firm, you’ll know exactly when they will be coming, and it gives you one less thing to worry about.
  8. A commercial cleaning company will do their very best to work within your budget. It could be that you have a full clean for all windows on one visit, followed by cleaning just for the front windows, for example
  9. Investing a bit of your business budget in window cleaning services means you pay for expertise. Your chosen firm should know how to take care of your glass, avoiding any damage or scratches to extend the life of your windows.
  10. If you own your own business premises, it could be there are clauses in any warranties demanding that you properly take care of the building, including the windows, before any replacements will be considered. If you’re renting, it’s likely that part of the contract includes keeping your premises to a certain standard.


By hiring Spotless Commercial Cleaning, you’ll have shiny, clean windows which make you proud to walk into your business premises each day.

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