Why is it Important to use Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products?

Environmentally friendly cleaning products Cambridge

Nowadays we are becoming increasingly aware of how the products we use not only affect our health but also the impact they have on the world around us. Whilst most of us wouldn’t eat food or wash our hair without checking the label and finding out what is in it, we can be guilty of using cleaning products without a thought as to what they contain and what effect they could have on us.
Environmentally friendly cleaning products are available in many forms and they can do the job just as well, if not better, as store-bought products containing all kinds of harsh chemicals. These are just a few of the reasons why it is important to use environmentally friendly products.

Less chance of health side effects

A study by The American Thoracic Society showed that using a typical household spray cleaner as little as once a week greatly increased the chances of developing asthma. Chemicals used in typical cleaning products not only get breathed in as they linger in the air, they can also be absorbed by the skin. In the event that a cleaning product does get ingested, an environmentally friendly product is far less likely to do harm as they contain fewer chemicals.

Less impact on the water system

All cleaning products that we use end up in the water system and many of these contain ingredients that are harmful the delicate eco system of the water. Many of the chemicals used are unregulated, can affect plant and animal life living in the water and end up back in our drinking water. As well as the product itself being friendlier to the water system, eco-friendly cleaning products are manufactured with minimal waste and disruption to the water system.

Less use of antibacterial agents

Whilst it is important to protect ourselves and our families from harmful bacteria, a lot of the time just a simple cleaning with a regular detergent and water will suffice. Overuse of antibacterial agents can contribute to bacterial resistance to antibiotics. They can also be harmful to our health, for example, triclosan is commonly used in antibacterial soaps even though it can disrupt thyroid function and the hormonal system.

Safer products

Using fewer harsh chemicals not only means that you have a far smaller chance of chemical damage to your appliances and surfaces, severe damage if accidentally ingested, harmful fumes and flammability. Cleaning products are one of the biggest causes of poisoning in children and a lot of them can also be harmful to pets. Spotless carefully selects all of the products that we use and ensures that they meet legal, environmental and social standards and are safe to use wherever we are working.

More pleasant cleaning experience

Using environmentally friendly products means you don’t get the unpleasant chemical odours or dry skin and nails that come with chemical-heavy products. You also have the satisfaction that you are doing your part for the environment whilst keeping your office clean.

Environmentally friendly cleaning products help to keep your office clean and smelling fresh without putting excess strain on the world’s fragile eco systems. It is one small switch that can make great improvements in your home, protect your workforce’s health and help to build a greener future.

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