Why Hire Industrial Upholstery Cleaners?

Industrial Upholstery cleaners Cambridge

Office furniture undergoes a lot of use and abuse; from chairs being sat on for eight hours plus a day to various spills and being bumped around. Whether you have a small team in a single office or manage an entire building, industrial upholstery cleaners can really help to preserve the look and condition of your office furniture.

Professional commercial cleaning companies have readily available specialised cleaning equipment including industrial fabric shampooers and steam cleaners so they can give your furniture a thorough, deep clean as soon as it is needed. This means that permanent stains and unpleasant odours are avoided and the furniture does not need replacing as often. Although replacing furniture may not seem like a bit expenditure, if you have several items that need replacing it can soon add up and takes up a sizeable chunk of your budget.

From an aesthetical point of view, if you have furniture that is often seen and used by non-employees such as a sofa in your waiting room or chairs in a board room, a commercial cleaning company will use specialised techniques and products to ensure the furniture looks as good as new. If you work in the hospitality industry and already have cleaners in your team of staff, you may want to consider using a company that specialises in upholstery cleaning for occasional deep cleans so that you can maintain the level of quality that your clientele expect.

In regards to hygiene and cleanliness, furnishings can harbour all manner of dirt and bacteria especially in the office, an environment that scientists have discovered is dirtier than the average toilet. Dirt, debris and germs are easily transported from the outside world to your office furniture via hands and clothes, especially when members of staff travel via public transport, so these are left on the upholstery as well as being spread around the office.

Commercial cleaning companies will also tend to have a lot of previous experience and knowledge cleaning a variety of different fabrics and types of stain so they will know how to give your upholstery a really thorough clean without risking any damage to the material. Often cleaning companies will take measures to prevent future stains to the upholstery such as applying stain-guarding products.

If you already have a cleaning company that works for you, you can also hire equipment for cleaning your upholstery. Industrial upholstery cleaning equipment can be very expensive to buy and takes up valuable storage space but as it gives such an effective, deep clean you can rent the equipment when needed and then return it once used. This is often a better option for smaller companies who do not have room in their budget for a permanent cleaner or more equipment. It is also an option for cleaning companies themselves so they can try out upholstery cleaning equipment before investing in buying it, a bit like ‘try before you buy’.

Whether you are hiring industrial-grade upholstery cleaning equipment itself or enlisting a cleaning company with the necessary knowledge and products, professional upholstery cleaning is important for businesses.

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