Why businesses should have their carpets cleaned at least once a year

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It’s easy to neglect your carpets when it comes to all of the competing options for spending your business budget. But, without proper care, the carpets at your firm could really let you down when it comes to giving a good impression, and providing value for money. Here are just some of the reasons why all businesses should have their carpets cleaned at least once per year…

  1. A good impression. While you probably don’t notice your carpet too much, as you walk over it every day, visitors to your firm will immediately spot any signs of wear and tear, or any staining. They could be left asking if you don’t take care of your own business premises, will you take care of customers and clients?
  1. Health hazard. Carpets can be home to all sorts of pollutants, dirt, and even insects like dust mites, fleas and carpet beetles. Regular cleaning will make sure you don’t have extra, and unwelcome, little residents in your business premises.
  1. Messy, unclean workspaces can leave us feeling stressed. By making sure you and your staff are coming into a clean, tidy environment, you should engender better morale and productivity.
  1. Longer life. Any improvements to your office interior will eat away at your profits, so it’s important to ensure that the investments you make have longevity. Cleaning your carpet will considerably extend its lifespan.


  1. Stains attract stains. If you have a stain on one part of your carpet, it’s likely that other dust and dirt will get stuck to it. By cleaning stains away, you’ll find your carpets are much easier to look after on a day-to-day basis.


  1. Better air quality. If you don’t look after your carpet, you’ll find every time you walk on it, dust, dirt and potentially mould spores are thrown up into the air, affecting the quality of what you and your workers are breathing in each day.


  1. Nasty smells. Over the years, if your carpet has got damp or if employees have accidentally spilled anything on it, it may be that your workplace has been left with an unpleasant odour. Instead of masking this with air fresheners, a thorough carpet clean can enhance not only the look but the smell of your business.


  1. Most professional carpet cleaning companies will offer protection services too. So, once they’ve given your business carpet a thorough clean, they can help to protect it from any future staining.


  1. Time and money. If your cleaner is having to spend hours and hours cleaning your carpet because it harbours dirt and is covered in stains, you won’t be getting the best value for money out of your daily or weekly cleaning service. A professional carpet clean should mean they can cut down time spent vacuuming and spend it getting the rest of your business premises spick and span. You may even find you can reduce the hours you pay a cleaner.


  1. If you have a warranty for your business carpet, you may find that there are clauses involved. A manufacturer is unlikely to consider any replacement if you haven’t had your carpet professionally cleaning at least once every 12 to 18 months.


By taking proper care of the carpets in your business premises, you’ll find you create a better impression for visitors and potential clients, and elongate the life of your carpets, meaning you won’t have to spend money replacing them before you need to.

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