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Recent studies have found that the average office harbours more bacteria than a toilet and certain areas are hotspots for dirt and grime. As one of the most distinctive features in an office and something that is constantly used and seen, it is important to keep your upholstery looking clean and there are several reasons why you would need to call in the cleaners.

Removing stubborn stains- Stains can accumulate from eating and drinking at desks, leaky pens and general wear and tear but your regular office cleaner won’t have the necessary equipment, products or expertise to remove these thoroughly. A specialist upholstery cleaner will be able to assess and remove the stains in the most effective way without damaging the material.

As a general spring clean- Giving your office an occasional deep clean improves the air quality, removes built-up dirt and grime and improves overall hygiene. As well as this, working in a clean office boosts your employees’ morale and can reduce the risk of them falling ill from bacteria in the office.

To improve the appearance of the office- As well as making sure the office looks nice for the people working in it, it also needs to look clean and smart for anybody visiting such as area managers, clients and potential members of staff. Keeping the furniture clean, particularly in reception areas and boardrooms is an important part of this.

Specialist cleaning for certain materials- Whilst your normal cleaner can get off-the-shelf stain removing products and upholstery cleaning products, these are not necessarily suitable for  your upholstery. A professional office upholstery cleaner will be able to assess the material and the type of stain to determine the best stain removal method and will have the equipment to use different methods such as steam cleaning.

To get rid of any lingering odours in the office- Certain stains can cause unpleasant odours in the office but upholstery can also accumulate dead skin cells and sweat, absorb odours from the atmosphere in the office and start to smell a bit funny from general wear and tear. Getting it deep cleaned will remove any absorbed fluids that cause these odours and in turn improve the air quality in your office.

Increase the durability and longevity of the upholstery- Built-in dirt and stains can degrade fibres and make the upholstery more susceptible to holes, thinning and other wear and tear. Professional upholstery cleaners use thorough yet gentle methods to remove dirt and grime without compromising the structure of the upholstery’s fibres or affecting its warranty. Office furniture and carpets can be extremely expensive to replace so taking measures to increase its longevity can really save money.

As well as the above reasons for getting your office upholstery professionally cleaned, they will often take preventative measures to stop future stains from occurring and prevent a build-up of dirt and bacteria. This also means that they are easier to maintain so with an occasional professional clean your regular cleaner just has to give them a quick once-over and then focus on other areas of the office so it has a very positive ripple effect on the general level of cleanliness.

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