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Effective cleaners habits Cambridge

It is often said that one should work smarter, not harder. This is particularly true for Spotless Commercial Cleaning where, much like a lot of other professions, the more efficiently we work, the quicker we get results without compromising on quality. Really effective cleaners have certain habits which make them stand out for being excellent and efficient workers, and you can utilise these habits to help reduce the amount of dirt and grime in the workplace.

Making plans and schedules

A large part of being effective is making the most of your available time and in the case of a lot of jobs, including cleaning, it helps to make plans and schedules that you stick to but that also allow flexibility. A cleaner who works efficiently will plan out their to-do list according to the time that each task takes, how often tasks need to be performed and the strategy they are using. For example, certain tasks like emptying bins needs to be done on a daily basis whereas carpet shampooing may need to be done far less often.

Clean top to bottom

As simple as it sounds, starting from the top of the room and working downwards not only helps you stay on track of what you’ve done and what to do next, as you’re cleaning any excess dust and debris falls downwards so tasks don’t have to be re-done and the room turns out cleaner. For example, starting with dusting high shelves, then cleaning surfaces and finally sweeping and mopping floors.

Preventing stains before they happen

Prevention is better than cure especially when it comes to stains as the longer they are left, the harder they are to remove. A really effective and pro-active cleaner will take measures to prevent stains from happening such as using protective sprays.

Thinking outside the box

Most cleaners pick up tips and tricks during their time in the profession both from experience and by sharing ideas. There are a lot of surprising items that can be used for cleaning and some that can be used for a multitude of different purposes such as microfiber cloths which do a great job and are often cheaper so they save money and space.

At home you can motivate yourself with a podcast or by putting music on for a bit of cleaning inspiration and to stay mentally active without getting distracted. After all, some great music can make every task a lot more fun!  If office cleaning then the motivation is often easy with the plan and list of tasks along with the satisfaction of the end result.

Really effective cleaners are often ones who have learned from years of experience. Practice really does makes perfect and skills such as speed, attention to detail and techniques are learned from getting stuck into the job.

Effective cleaners share a lot of habits and traits and this means that they do a sterling job well within their allotted hours and give great results whether they are working in a commercial or a domestic environment.

You can skip all of the need for commercial cleaning yourselves and have a professional do it. At Spotless Cleaning, our professional cleaners will keep your office both grime free and clean. An uncluttered and dust-free place of work will be great for your own and your employees morale and health and is likely to increase your workforce’s productivity.

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