Ensuring Your Factory or Warehouses is COVID-Secure

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Operating during a pandemic is difficult for UK based factory and warehouse companies as it is essential that goods and services are delivered on time whilst ensuring employees and workers stay safe by following best practices at all times to avoid becoming exposed and infected by COVID-19. 

Factory and warehouse owners have had to put new COVID-secure plans in place such as implementing staggered lunch breaks for workers, creating new sanitizing protocols, and enforcing social distancing rules and cleaning hygiene policies to further prevent a COVID-19 outbreak in the workplace

The difficulties of operating a factory or warehouse during a pandemic are starting to show and headlines are hitting the mainstream media such as the recent headline about Amazon workers reporting a lack of cleaning support and other protective measures as the retail giant prioritises customers over workers safety. 

To ensure a factory or warehouse provides a clean and safe working environment for staff and employees, Spotless recommends the following; 

Factory and Warehouse Cleaning Recommendations 


Wrist and hand straps, headgear and belts are all wearable items used by factory and warehouse workers to allow them to carry out their duties efficiently. As the items are worn by individual workers they can easily help the spread of the COVID-19 virus within the workplace. 

It is important to introduce a cleaning policy for all devices and also ensure devices are not shared between workers by assigning specific items to individual workers. The disposal of single-use items should be encouraged. Ensure items such as headsets used for communication within buildings are not shared and consider replacing foam covers for microphones and earpieces more often to ensure workers aren’t exposed to them long-term. 


Handheld devices tend to be more expensive to purchase and therefore, not as available on a large scale, meaning they are more likely to be shared by workers. By introducing a policy that requires the worker to clean and sanitise any handheld device once they have finished using it, the risk of spreading the virus will be decreased or eliminated. It is extremely important that workers are shown the correct methods for cleaning devices correctly and that accessories such as charging stations, holsters etc are included in the sanitising process. 

Air Circulating and Systems 

As well as items and equipment that workers come into contact with or use on a daily basis, it’s important to consider the operation and maintenance of dust capture, ventilation and workplace heating and cooling systems. Cleaning and maintenance of these systems should be increased to ensure they are operating effectively and not assisting in the transfer of harmful Covid-19 particles. If factory and warehouse owners increase service schedules and

cleaning routines of working parts and filters of equipment within the workplace then shop floor workers and office staff will feel reasurred that their employer is doing everything they can to ensure a clean and safe place of work. 

Heavy Machinery and Equipment 

Any equipment or machinery that is shared by workers such as pallet trucks, forklifts and floor cleaning machines should be thouroughly cleaned and disenfected by operatives after each use. A useful way to remind workers of a cleaning and disinfecting routine is to place hardwearing, waterproof vinyl stickers to areas of equipment where a worker is required to sit, touch and interact such as switches, handles, seats, steering wheels, touch screens, grab rails, ladders etc. 


We are all very used to wearing personal protective equipment on a regular basis now. As well as the usual PPE worn in a factory or warehouse environment such as hardhats and safety gooogles, latex gloves, masks and face shields should be worn to reduce the spread of harmful bacteria where regualr contact with colleauges and visitors is common. 

Spotless is Here to Help 

Experts in the field of commercial cleaning, Spotless have many years of experience and hundred of satisfied customers. We are ready to help meet all your factory, warehouse and office cleaning needs, whether you require additional support, COVID-Secure cleaning services or you’re are looking to replace your existing cleaning provider. Contact our expert team now to discuss all your commercial cleaning needs and requirements.

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