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Gym Cleaning Service Cambridge

David Lloyd Cambridge is a state of the art gym and leisure club facility. With over 5000 members, the David Lloyd Cambridge club is a unique facility incorporating fitness, swim and indoor and outdoor tennis courts. The Cambridge leisure facility is one of the busiest clubs in the country with over 5000 full-time members and an average of 1500 members visiting on a daily basis.

The Problem

Gym and changing room cleaning service

Busy leisure facilities can prove very challenging environments to clean and maintain due to the times the facility can be available for cleaning work to take place. In addition to this, extensive renovations to the club started in early 2019 with a renovation of the existing changing room facilities and the addition of a £4 Million exclusive spa facility. Keen to promote a healthy environment and ensure the new facilities remained looking new, a well managed, effective cleaning and hygiene solution was required.

The Solution

Gym and changing room cleaning service Cambridge

Working out of club operating hours, the intimate and relaxing atmosphere of the club spa areas were upheld through a professional cleaning and maintenance program for all steam room, jacuzzi, sauna and washroom areas using high pressure, steam cleaning technology to eliminate issues caused by high humidity and hard water in high traffic areas.

The Result

Spotless commercial deep cleaning gym cleaning Cambridge

Steam cleaning is the preferred option when cleaning spa and leisure facilities. The techniques used require no chemicals due to the ultra high temperatures involved and are extremely effective in sanitising areas where there is a risk of potentially harmful bacteria and germs developing in high humidity areas.

Steam cleaning techniques are not just limited to spa and leisure areas and can be particularly effective in cleaning all areas of commercial and business premises such as office flooring, carpets, upholstery and eliminating and protecting against harmful viruses such as Covid-19.

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