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Accountant business office cleaning service Cambridge

Serving clients for over 140 years, PEM is a leading independent firm of accountants, tax and business advisers based in Cambridge.

The previous cleaning provider had failed to deliver a satisfactory service for the large, central office space where PEM staff are based and the cleaning contract was put to tender. Following a lengthy tender bid against large local and national commercial cleaning providers, Spotless was awarded the PEM office cleaning contract in 2018.

The Problem

Lack of reliable cleaning service
  1. Under the previous cleaning provider, PEM staff found themselves dealing directly with cleaning operatives to relay messages or give instructions regarding cleaning requirements and issues.
  2. There was a lack of transparency and concerns surrounding attendance due to previous cleaning operatives not recording times when entering or exiting the building.
  3. The absence of a detailed cleaning schedule created uncertainty surrounding the cleaning provision and what cleaning and hygiene tasks were supposed to be carried out by cleaning operatives.
  4. With cleaning standards worsening over time, the client decided to find a more reliable commercial cleaning provider from Cambridge.

The Solution

Spotless commercial managed cleaning service Cambridge
  1. To assign an on-site supervisor and contracts manager to take control and manage the cleaning provision. Good supervision and management would ensure daily tasks and additional duties were carried out effectively and in a timely manner whilst agreed KPIs are being met.
  2. The implementation of an effective Time/Attendance management system to record entry and exit times. Cleaning operatives are required to scan barcodes located throughout the building on entry and exit or as cleaning duties are completed.
  3. A detailed cleaning schedule outlining daily, weekly and monthly cleaning tasks created for all areas of the building with a copy of the cleaning schedule being made available to the client.
  4. Agree a set of Key Performance Indicators with the client to ensure a clean, healthy and safe building environment.

The Result

Professional and reliable cleaning service Cambridge
  1. By appointing a cleaning supervisor and a contracts manager, PEM staff no longer needed to waste valuable time and effort communicating directly with cleaning operatives now that routine cleaning tasks and overall management of the cleaning provision was being effectively managed by Spotless.
  2. Time/Attendance software gives the client complete transparency and peace of mind that the cleaning service is being delivered as agreed as concerns surrounding actual times worked by cleaning operatives have been addressed.
  3. With an agreed cleaning schedule, the client and the cleaning operatives have clarity over what tasks are to be completed on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.
  4. Monthly meetings between the client and the contracts manager ensure key performance indicators such as quality of service, client satisfaction, staffing, safety and financial budgeting are continuously monitored, expectations are met and the investment in the cleaning provision is a good one.

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