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School Cleaning Services Cambridge

St Laurence Catholic Primary School serves the needs of primary school children aged 4-11 and consists of several large buildings on a large site in central Cambridge.

Previously, the cleaning contract for the school had been serviced by a large national cleaning provider but issues relating to standards, quality and time management had resulted in the contract being put up for tender.

After a lengthy tender process, Spotless were awarded a contract with St Laurence Catholic Primary School with existing cleaning operatives remaining in their current positions through the TUPE process.

The Problem

School cleaning tasks Cambridge
  1. Cleaners required to sign in and out at the beginning and end of each shift using a book to record entry and exit times.
  2. Cleaners shift patterns starting whilst the children remain in the school.
  3. One central location for all cleaning equipment was making tasks unnecessarily difficult and creating avoidable hazards as cleaners needed to carry equipment and materials to multiple locations throughout the school on a daily basis.
  4. Ongoing unresolved reports of poor hygiene standards and cleanliness throughout the school.
  5. Cleaning tasks and workload distributed unevenly throughout the cleaning teams and high staff turn-over rates.

The Solution

School Cleaning Cambridge
  1. Unverified, manual timesheets can be open to abuse meaning better controls were needed to effectively control attendance and eliminate the risk of accidental or deliberate misuse. A workforce management solution was implemented for all cleaning operatives working at the school. Cleaners are required to verify attendance before and after an area has been cleaned by electronically logging arrival and check out times using an electronic device to read a barcode located in the area to be cleaned.
  2. Cleaners shift patterns rescheduled to start at the end of the school day, once the children had finished lessons and had vacated the building allowing for unimpeded access to classrooms, corridors and washroom areas.
  3. Multiple storage areas were provided throughout the school allowing materials and equipment to be easily accessible to all cleaning operatives working in many different locations.
  4. A thorough training needs assessment was carried out and a tailored training programme was delivered to ensure all the cleaning staff had the appropriate skills and abilities for their role.
    All work areas re-assessed to ensure a fair distribution of cleaning and hygiene duties.
  5. All work areas re-assessed to ensure a fair distribution of cleaning and hygiene duties.

The Result

The result school cleaning Cambridge
  1. All attendance tracked and verified in real time meaning cleaning schedules are closely monitored and late attendance or ‘no shows’ can be addressed immediately. Proof of attendance reports give transparency and assurance to the school management team.
  2. Unimpeded access to classrooms, corridors and washroom areas provides a more effective environment for cleaners to operate in, a safer environment for students and a cost-effective solution to the school as cleaning and hygiene duties are carried out more efficiently.
  3. Multiple storage locations for materials and equipment resulted in better time management and improved on-site health and safety.
  4. Following initial training we continued to develop the skills of our staff, leading to several gaining NVQ qualifications.
  5. Cleaning operatives became better motivated and staff retention was higher.

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