10 Reasons your Rugs and Carpets Need a Clean

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Rugs and carpets can easily accumulate stains and suffer from wear and tear as they are walked over on a daily basis and get all manner of things spilled on them. Whilst most people clean up spills as they go and have a regular vacuum, here are ten reasons why you may consider having your carpets properly cleaned.

  1. As part of an end of tenancy clean.

Even if you don’t wear shoes in your rented property, they still undergo a lot of wear and tear from regular footfall, spills and stains and moving furniture. Having a professional carpet clean before you move out can ensure that you get your security deposit back and, in turn, pays for itself.

  1. To remove stubborn stains.

Certain stains can be very hard to remove and not all chemical carpet cleaners are universally suitable for all types of carpet. Using a steam extraction method on stains can help to remove ones that have been trodden and sunken deep into the fibres and effectively cleans materials that cannot withstand chemicals without risking damage to them.

  1. Preventing a build-up of bacteria.

Bacteria can breed extremely quickly, even if you do vacuum your carpets on a regular basis. Having a professional clean can help remove mites, dirt and bacteria and a lot of cleaners will use preventative measures such as stain guarding to help stop dirt from getting built up again.

  1. Improving the indoor air quality.

Having your rugs and carpets cleaned gets rid of the dust and mites that can decrease air quality and trigger allergies including asthma. This is particularly noticeable in the colder months when you’re less likely to have open windows to boost the air flow.

  1. To improve the overall appearance of the room.

As you see your carpet every day, stains, marks and discolouration can become far less noticeable. Having your carpets and rugs thoroughly cleans not only makes them look renewed, it makes the whole room look cleaner and well put together.

  1. Removing pests if you have pets.

Certain pests such as fleas can lie dormant in your carpets so ensuring that they are thoroughly cleaned keeps your home more hygienic.

  1. Making offices appear more presentable.

A grubby office is not a professional-looking office. As well as keeping rugs and carpets cleaned on a regular basis to make an office presentable for clients and business partners, having a clean, hygienic office can also boost your staff’s morale.

  1. To prolong the carpet’s life.

Built-up dirt can degrade the carpet fibres. A professional clean to remove it followed my regular cleaning as necessary can help your carpet look better for longer.

  1. To make the condition of the carpet easier to maintain.

Once the inbuilt stains and dirt are dealt with, it is much easier to keep the carpet looking its best with regular vacuuming and ad hoc stain removal.

  1. Maintaining the warranty of the carpet.

Some carpet warranties stipulate that you have the carpet cleaned so be sure to read the fine print!

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