10 Reasons why your Child’s School Needs a Clean

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As all parents, guardians and teachers know, children are notorious for making a mess so, understandably, schools are very prone to get dirty due to containing hundreds of children for hours at a time. As well as general wear and tear, these are some of the reasons that schools get so grubby and need thorough hard working cleaners.

  1. Coughs and colds.

When there are lots of people in close proximity, germs spread like wildfire, particularly in schools where children are coughing and sneezing into their hands and not washing them properly. Desks and equipment can harbour bacteria so regular, thorough cleaning is crucial for everybody’s health.

  1. Putting items in mouths.

If you give a child a pen or pencil, chances are they will put it straight into their mouth and later on pass it to somebody else. Sharing saliva is a sure-fire way of also sharing germs.

  1. Head lice.

Even though head lice are not necessarily a sign of poor hygiene, schools can have regular outbreaks of them and this can make everybody feel unclean.

  1. Grubby floors.

As children eat, walk, play, use apparatus, cook and use various arts, crafts and science materials in schools, the floors end up covered with all manner of spills and stains. Proper cleaning means that sticky floors are taken care of.

  1. Dirty carpets.

Like floors, carpets also suffer a lot from multiple people and lots of spills and stains. If left, stains can become permanent and create odours as well as ruining the fibres of the carpet. It is also important to keep the carpets dust and mite free to avoid triggering asthma attacks, especially with younger sufferers.

  1. Communal musical instruments.

It is fantastic for children to learn a musical instrument but to help save parents’ money and to stretch resources further, a lot of schools have communal musical instruments that several different pupils can use. Unfortunately, they often end up sharing germs along with the instrument, particularly with woodwind and brass instruments that are played with the mouth.

  1. Walking in the dirt and grime.

At home, we can take our shoes off when we go indoors but children at a school play outside and then tread anything that they’ve been walking through into the carpets. Even with doormats, it’s hard to get dozens of children to wipe their feet.

  1. Spillages in the cafeteria.

Both packed lunches and school dinners produce a lot of messes such as spilt food, dirty plates and cutlery, leftover food. This can breed mould and bacteria as well as making the area generally unclean.

  1. Forgetting to wash hands.

Washing your hands is a really simple yet effective way of preventing germs from spreading but children, especially younger ones, often forget to wash their hands after going to the toilet or playing outside meaning that dirt and germs are easily spread.

  1. Bringing in items from home.

Even if a school has a thorough cleaning team for the floors and furniture, pet hairs and foreign bacteria can be brought in on “show and tell” items and homework projects.

Schools can be a home for dust, dirt and grime which is why it is of the utmost importance that they have a great cleaning team and good hygiene is encouraged by both parents and teachers.

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